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Zanzibar Sale Process


In the last few years Zanzibar is becoming more and more an incredible Real estate Market. The island is a real paradise and many investors from over the world are investing in: Private Homes, Hotels, Resorts and commercial activities.

From July 2023, if a Foreigner wants to buy a private home in Zanzibar , can buy a property in  a complex registered as ZIPA Project.

In case a foreigner wants to invest with commercial purpose, possible to do with a Zipa Project (2.5 millions within 3 years), both for Hotel or Real Estate Project.

The other option is a minimum investment of 300k$, registering the business with Ministry of Tourism.   

RESIDENT PERMIT: if a foreigner acquires a property in Zanzibar with a minimum value of 100k$, in one of the ZIPA APPROVED PROJECT, will be possible to obtain the resident permit (Class c11), for the whole family , up to 4 children.

Foreigners are  allowed to purchase “Leasehold rights“. The Foreigner can lease from 33-99 years. Our advice as Zaneda Properties is to be careful and not make a dream a nightmare. For this reason we suggest to rely on accredited professionals Real Estate and rely on a serious lawyer before giving money to close a possible deal.

As Real Estate we collaborate with one of the most accredited lawyers in Zanzibar. Our goal is to offer a full service which includes the advice of a lawyer to follow every step of the construction of your dream.

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