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How to do safe investment in Zanzibar

Since last year, the year in which Covid marked and change the history of the entire planet, Zanzibar has grown in terms of investments by 45%. Small, medium and large investors have appeared on this wonderful island. The feeling of freedom felt by visitors,  because last year together with Costa Rica, Zanzibar was the only tourist destination in the world considered as COVID FREE. So since last year many people from all over the world have decided to move to the Paradise of Zanzibar, where a feeling of freedom,  healthy life on its magnificent beaches, has won over the fears spread all over the world. The residential property market still has a lot of profit margins. Today, buying a beautiful plot and building residential properties for expatriates is a big profit business.
Another segment in strong growth is LUXURY. This shows that demand in the luxury segment is increasing significantly and that interest in modern flats and beautiful houses in Zanzibar also seems to grow every day more and more. Due to the freedom gained in terms of work scheduling and home office, many people, as said before, plan to spend significantly more time on the island.

We always recommend, for any type of investment, to make contact with professionals in the sector of Real Estate. As in any place in the world, do not advance money in order to reserve a property. All the documentary, legal, bureaucratic part must be followed by professionals who know the rules, the laws and the local system.

Zaneda Properties can provide legal advice, thanks to professional relationships created with accredited Zanzibar lawyers who will best advise their clients. What are you waiting for to move to Paradise?

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