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Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In Ibiza

Ibiza is the island of a thousand faces, different, unique, full of contrasts and with enough diversity to suit every preference. Whatever you’re looking for, Ibiza can achieve. To deepen your appreciation for the island, there are many reason to choose this piece of paradise, where nature, energy, culture nightlife attract every year people from all over  the world.

There are several reasons as to why you should invest in Ibiza, the main two reasons being:

1. Land on this island is a scarce (limited) resource
2. Property on this island is a highly demanded product

The laws of economics in Ibiza dictate that if the supply (the amount of land available) is limited, and the demand for this land/property increases, the price will keep going up. The economy in Ibiza is heavily backed by tourism, which is has supported the growth of property investment. As the demand for rentals is continually high, investments in houses, villas and apartments have been evidently financially beneficial assets to investors. The high demand means rental yields are attractive to invest in Ibiza.

This is exactly what’s happening in Ibiza. It is an island which is famous all over the world and thus has extremely high demand for property. And in the next five years it will only increase.

Due to this trend, we are seeing the property rental prices rise rapidly, which in turn has a domino effect on the prices of villas and apartments in the upper-end of the market throughout the island.

Ibiza Beach

Opportunities to Add Value to Property

There are vast opportunities to invest in Ibiza which can be renovated or restored. Doing so will not only bring runned down buildings back to life but will also add substantial value. Building, renovating and restoring are often committed by second- home buyers and refurb projects.

Ibiza is one of the most magnetic place in the world, that’s why who landed the first time, will come back, again and again.

So what are you waiting for?Ibiza as Love&Investment.

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